Canon 70D Video DSLR

Canon 70D Video DSLR

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  1. Boeingspotter1 - Canadian Aviation

    Seems like a good camera for shooting video. I've been looking for something to replace an old Sony camcorder, and am not sure whether I want a DSLR or another slightly less expensive camcorder. I was hoping to stay closer to the 1000$ mark, and the 70D with lens alone is already a couple hundred dollars above that, and then I would probably need a Rode mic to go with it. Any advice? Thanks.

  2. For video with 70D what are the best settings for low light shooting. Please advise. Regards

  3. Great video. I just picked up one of these tonight. Haven't opened the box yet. But I'm concerned regarding what format this camera shoots in and whether I can upload from my SD card to iMovie.

  4. Lots of really nice issues covered. Appreciate the video.
    But, I have to say, the video quality of this particular review is overexposed and under saturated. Not sure why you'd use this video to display the full potential of the video. But beyond that, its a great review.

  5. This was amazingly helpful, just got this camera for my tutorials after working with a 500D for a year so it's a huge jump!

  6. Just bought my 70D.  Great intro.  And you answered my number one question: what size SD cards do I need to purchase for my camera when shooting video.  thanks

  7. Thank for the heads up on this upgrade. Just got my new 70D today. I will definitely appreciate the auto focus as I am filming some conference presentations and it means the subject will stay in focus. I used your video to set up the video functions on my 60D Ray. Do I assume the same recommendations would apply to both?

  8. What settings to keep

  9. Hi! I have a Canon T3i/600D. For better video projects, do you think the 70D is worth the upgrade? To be honest, I don't really have a lot of money to spend on a new camera so I'd be keeping the 70D for a very long time.

  10. Hello How long can I recording video on Canon 70D?

  11. "The 70D is a blend between the 60D and the T5i."

    Ummm… No.

  12. Hey really pleasantly surprised to see that someone is reviewing this camera even after so long. What made you decide to do this now? Seems like GH4 is the only thing people want to yammer about these days.

    The only thing that makes me hesitant about getting this is the lousy Wifi features. I can't believe you can't start or stop video , let alone tap focus on your mobile phone. This is so important for someone working alone to do videos without anyone else to help.

  13. Michał Adamkiewicz

    Thanks Man, I was looking for someone who is also a videoshooter, to show a few main arguments for 70D. After nine videos tutorial and inernet reaserch, I think I'm gonna buy this one. Do you have some of your videos created by 70D? Greets from Poland ;)

  14. I am about to launch my vlog from my blog and purchased the 70d Canon to do so, I have two lenses that came with my Rebel that I use for my blog but I need to know what other accessories to invest in for my vlogging. I was thinking a remote, mic and new lens? What lens do you recommend and mic or any other accessories. Thanks! :)

  15. Could you please tell me the difference that the Internal AF camera makes a difference from the other Cameras?

    I am planning to buy Canon 70d and I need to know about Internal AF on this camera…Please advice…

  16. Mickaelle Aka (Slave of Yehoshua)

    Hi, very good channel from which i m learning a lot. I have a couple of questions i'd like to ask. on the subject of AF, will a follow focus ring improve the AF of the 60d? Which mac/pc did you edit your videos while you had the 60d? Finally is a macbook pro retina 15 a must? Surely we can get good performance from earlier models? Thanks

  17. This is my primary camera and with additional of "canon remote" you can shoot without any helping hand. Perfect tool for one many setup! 

    So happy with the camera.

  18. Well Shoot…I guess I need an upgrade and fast!! THANK YOU!!

  19. Hi Ray!!! You are so GREAT!!! Thank you for sharing your knowledge…I'm trying to shoot video with my Canon T3i…I don't have the money right now to upgrade…please tell me what memory card I should get in order to shoot at least 1/2 hours worth of video…any tips would also be great!

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