Canon 70D DSLR Video Review

Canon 70D DSLR Video Review

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    I want to make short movies and I'm torn between the LUMIX gh3 or the canon 70d….. Which is better? Apparently Panasonic has higher bit rate?

  2. Hi – thanking you kindly for your great review.  I would like the camera more for video than taking photos.  The two on top of my list are the Sony RX10 and the 70D – which one would be better?

  3. Is this camera good enough to shoot stock footage online sites would buy?

  4. Fernando Babativa

    Estoy lleno de satisfacciones con mi 70d..fotos y videos es lo mejor.

  5. Trevor Koberstein

    after 2 months of research im buying this 70d.thanks 4 a really great review

  6. I just have it recently ,And its Yea!!
     incredibly fantastic ..

  7. Can you help me buying a dslr fot both photography and videography? My budget is $1300

  8. Great review dude.  In fact, the best I've seen yet on this camera.  Thank you for taking the time to do this.

  9. Brilliant reviewing, thanks for your professional opinion mate!

  10. +DSLR Video Shooter Great video review! Although I have a question, I can't decide on whether getting the Canon 70D, or the Canon t6i, or the Nikon D5500… I have started a youtube Channel, and all these camera's are within my price range. However, I want to know which out of all three of them, records the best video quality for youtube, and which is also good at taking still pictures. A response would be great! Thanks 🙂 and again, Great Review!!

  11. If only this camera just had a fucking headphone jack!!!!

  12. what lens should i get for video with 70D?

  13. Hey I'm thinking about getting a camera for video, and I was wondering if you still think the 70d is still the best for video.

  14. solid review, no fluff! straight to the point and clear. btw, what lens was used for shooting those waves? picture looks great!

  15. Chelsea Delatorre

    This is literally the first Youtube comment I have done. Thank you for your clear and honest review. Really appreciated it!

  16. Alphonzo Alegrado

    I'm planning on buying my first DSLR and plan on using it primarily for shooting video, as I am a film student. I saw the EOS 760D/T6s online and it looks pretty good. No one really has any video samples yet but from what I've read, it seems to be a cheaper and newer version of the 70D. Would you happen to have tested out the T6s, and if so, which of the two would you recommend? Are there any other DSLRs you recommend for shooting video? +DSLR Video Shooter 

  17. This helped me out a lot I think im going to go with this

  18. I got this camera its amazing love it.

  19. Would you still say that this is the best camera for video? I am about to buy one in the coming days and this seems to be the most highly recommended. My main aim behind getting a camera is shooting short films and videos…

  20. thank for help with buy this camera. 

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