Canon 60D Settings for High Quality DSLR Video

Canon 60D Settings for High Quality DSLR Video

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  1. thank you sir! very well made and easy to understand!

  2. 24 FPS wut?

    Do 60 because it looks nice, and you can put it at half speed without destroying the video and turning it into a slideshow.

  3. Hello Ray,
    can u please help how to set my camera to focus automatically? If I want to make a video of myself, I can't manage to get camera automatically catch the focus on me. I want to put the cam on a stand and step in front of the camera, but I have to set the focus. I hope I'm understandable.

  4. Ray thanks! Your videos are so helpful and easy to follow.

    Question for your expertise:

    My friend and I are going to shoot a sketch that is a spoof of a PBS style talk show.  Every video tutorial I can find on line talks about getting the "Film" look, but I can't find one to address getting a TV look.  After doing a little research, I've found that most TV is shot at 30fps.  Even if this is actually for the purpose of loading up on to youtube, should I be shooting at 30fps? Does that also mean I should increase my shutter speed to 60?

    Thanks for all your help! You're doing a great thing here.

  5. nice informative video.greetings from india!!!:)

  6. great video… a bit too fast… and no instructions how to get to the certain settings…

  7. Hi Ray….I am a Filmmaker here in Nairobi,Kenya and I love making movies but don't nhave equipments….was requesting if  you bless me with this camera.

  8. +Ray Ortega  Habla español?

  9. Great video, thanks for share your knowleadge. If possible, make similar tutorial about cameras more simple, like sx60 hs. It´s great camera, but i have some problems to config and ajust to film in low light.

  10. Great video! I had a quick question my 60D constantly shows me a very dark image when recording with the low iso (iso 100). It almost forces me to turn it to higher iso or auto iso. Any way around that? The subject is not as dark as portrayed in the camera. Thanks!

  11. This helped me soo much. Thanks for sharing! definitely subscribing to your channel

  12. Curlversation Pop

    This was awesome. Love how simple you make things. Thank you.

  13. fps: 24, Shutter Speed: 50 (24 x 2) are general rules for the Canon 60D.  ISO (light sensitivity): use the lowest or native iso 160, Aperture: widest setting of the lense 2.8, get correct white and light balance…

  14. Please help! Do I have to continue to press the focus button while shooting myself during video? How do I overcome this? I'm filming for make up tutorials on YouTube. Does it not autofocus?? Please help

  15. Sidhartho Chakroborty

    Can't record video. …. it's just automatically …. . It record only 10sec max …… what to do

  16. The Principle Media

    Great video I need to get that crisp sound I am using a Rode Rycote mic. Any suggestions?

  17. MyKey Productions

    I have a question about the "Quality" format to set. Such as L, M, & S settings, & of course RAW. Which setting should I set for them, referring to the stepping stairs looking option or the round option, for each size format. I'd like to know the best option out of those 2 for photography & film, & why. I do a lot of night life work, & the lower paying jobs I use Small format because it being only post on Facebook, which image size only needing a small quality rate. I just want to know more info on the stepping stairs & round ledge option, on what they are used for. Thank you in advance.

  18. JohnAndMary Sessions

    Hey Ray, these videos are really helpful! I've turned my ISO way down, my shutter speed down to 1/50 for a 24 fps, and I use a softbox light along with natural/room lighting but it's hard to see myself in the lcd on my camera with the ISO at 200, and I'm still getting some noise on darker areas of my video. Any suggestions?

  19. Ivy Gallo (IvyGalloVlog)

    Thank to this video. 
    Now I know why. lol

  20. This was really helpful. I recently purchased a DSLR camera and Im still trying to get the hang of it. I am going to try playing around with these settings to see if I can get better quality videos. Would you mind checking out some of my recent videos and possibly suggest what I can do to up the quality?

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