Canon 600D T3i best DSLR movie settings

Canon 600D T3i best DSLR movie settings

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  1. What lens did you use to shoot this video?

  2. I've a question, please. I purchased a class 10 sd card and the movie recorded just fine. But when I transferred it in my laptop, the movie speed becomes really slow? But it's fine on my camera.

  3. Hi, I use a Canon T3i and I've used these settings and basically tried out all the possible combinations you can, and my videos are still bad quality. My videos are in perfect focus when I film them but once I upload them to YouTube or put them in my video editor, the quality is horrible!! Is there a way I can fix this? Thank you!!

  4. ndk ad di siko do haa

  5. bacot waang yuang
    ngomong opo si broo….?
    ora ngerti aku asu

  6. In the grid shold the subjekts be in the cross or in the boxes?

  7. I have this camera and I use it to film my local sports club (volleyball), and some of my freerunning, do you think I should use these settings or change some settings?

  8. When I am filming on t3i the noise quality has a loud audio hiss?

  9. it won't let me change the movie recording size to anything. it just stays at 1920×1980. Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong?

  10. "Lamdscape"

  11. fabfashionreviews

    What are the best settings for indoor filming? My videos look way too bright and i dont think i have them in the right settings, if you take a look at my latest videos you can see how white the background is :(

  12. calum “calumfilms” films

    Thx man!

  13. GusMOfficialChannel

    that intro make me doubt about seeing the video

  14. Why is my canon 600d does not have the movie settings? 

  15. Thanks for the video.And btw I was wondering whats this metering timer for?? 

  16. Thanks for filming this. It was helpful! 

  17. hi sar how your camera model  you shout video

  18. Hi,
    Do you have any idea why after a while when I'm recording the video stops automatically ? I have Canon EOS 600D.
    Please help, peace !

  19. Hey, a question if you permit: Auto Lighting Optimizer shouldn't be set OFF? 

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