Canon 600D DSLR Unboxing and First Look (July 2013)

Canon 600D DSLR Unboxing and First Look (July 2013)

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  1. wait 10 minutes of the video before you start unboxing….FFS speed it up man

  2. How much was it

  3. The Jordan Banks Show

    where did you buy your tripod from

  4. most cameras have a flexible screen

  5. I have nikon D3100..and I'm gonna buy this one soon too. And dude by the way,  that's not 60D. its 600D. lol

  6. I Like To Comment

    Omg just show the damn camera!!!

  7. I've seen only this video, but I subscribed you. :D

  8. "that's what she said". lol!!

  9. To much stuff that is not relevant 

  10. Aminul Islam Sajib

    Nobody gets the gifts you got. It's a good thing you got the gifts. But that doesn't mean you have to spend HALF THE TIME recording them. -___- That's a time waste for everyone watching for the actual camera unboxing.

  11. That's what she said is not funny

  12. That's what's she said ????????

  13. Muhammad Umar Orakzai

    00:18 its my camera canon 60d its not 60d its 600d :P

  14. Jesse Rodrigo (Game Break)

    Flash is on top

  15. I love your videos. I subscribed. 

  16. Simon The Commentator!?

    How do you upload to the computer? and where is the usb port

  17. I had to stop watching. Hope You are loving Your 600d.

  18. where did you buy this? please answer me because i am planning to buy this camera but i live in Greece and we have here 220v so if i am correct i saw a plug in which is for 220v? Am i right? Please answer me man i really need your help.

  19. zone tech you made a 16 minute video and took the camera out at 13 minutes.  what you should have done is do a 3 – 4 min unboxing then in another video did a review of 10 mins.  I'm thinking of starting a youtube channel so i came across yours just because your using  a 600d I'm thinking of getting one.  how is/was it?  also brilliant that you got so many subscribers and you where using a iPhone and iPad to make your videos. hats off to you!

  20. Too much bla bla bla…. But its ok

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