Canon 1200D (Rebel T5) vs Nikon D3300 – Which one should you get?

Canon 1200D (Rebel T5) vs Nikon D3300 – Which one should you get?

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  1. hi , i need to buy a dslr camera for a beginner..what do you suggest ? thanks

  2. at my place the d3300 was way expensive but the d3200 and the 1200d were same price .not huge difference between 32 and 33 really.BUT THANK GOD I GOT THE D3200 …better built quality, better fps,better LCD,waaayyyy better image quality and prefer the button position on Nikon.Nikon lenses better quality than canon.way better ISO sensitivity and 24mp of awesomeness

  3. Which One Should I Buy 1200d or 3300 ??

  4. if you want to see jpeg photos taken with the "cannon 1200d"(rebel t5) you can check out my portfolio at:
    non of which were photoshoped

  5. Which one would be better to get for right now?


    Is nikon d3200 is best or canon 1200d is best
    plzz say

  7. I know this comment is late people but I need help. I'm more interested in the video recording of the two than I am for images as I will be using it for guitar videos. I know they both record in 1080 but so far the t5 has shown amazing frame rate which is perfect for fast rifts and finger movement. I haven't really found good examples for the d3200 though so I'm a bit nervous on which route I should take. All these YouTube video comparisons never thoroughly compare the video because none of them do any fast action sequences, just focus adjusting flowers blowing in the wind. Cars drifting/racing, guitar playing, or sports would be perfect.

    Also if there's another route I should be taking I'm all ears. The only reason I considered DSLRs is because when I goto car meets I can take good shots but that's not my main goal here.

  8. Armando Andrés Meabe

    Kai doing asian eyes is like the D7100 wich has a crop mode on a crop sensor haha

  9. Does anyone know how to take night sky pictures with the canon rebel t5 ?

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  12. I like the Canon because it has more storage but isn't as fast as the Nikon and the Canon is a little more brighter than the Nikon which is a pretty big difference. In the end I think they are both great cameras.

  13. The canon is shit it was my first dslr and I'm glad it's gone

  14. 1200d is an awesome camera

  15. what about Nikon D3200, I am confused whether the canon EOS 1200D or the Nikon D3200

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  17. Lol. Nikon is racist.

  18. The buffer wouldn't be an issue if you used a faster SD Card…

  19. Canon t5 or t1i

  20. waiting for my D3300 to arrive in the mail and i'm very very excited!! :)

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