Bird Photography Tips for the Serious Photographer

Bird Photography Tips for the Serious Photographer

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  1. best in the business

  2. B and H this is quite amazing and marvelous. I'm glad that I subscribed your channel for this wonderful knowledge gain.
    Thanks to Arthur and Denise too!

  3. Danny Gibson (DGPix)

    Brilliant talk – great tips and both photographers so eager to share secrets too.

  4. marsh harrier ,not hawk

  5. some of these photos are out of focus. In the third photo the birds head was extremely blurry.

  6. Thanks for the great advices!! so much useful information in your video.

  7. Padre Quevedo!!!

  8. Sorry the links are faild to Spam Sites !!

  9. Awesome – free lecture! This is gold! Thanks!

  10. it's true, white bread is not good for birds and can cause health issues. besides, you gotta wait for the birds to come not lure them with something they ought not have.

  11. Thanks B & H for bringing Arthur and his experience to us. I just purchased in March'16 7D MKII from you and am glad I made the right choice for bird photography. This video shows how the pros do it in the field – now I just have to PRACTICE.

  12. Next time you're in the uk got to Coquet Island in Northumberland, much better than Bass Rock because you get the Roseate Turns. But wear a hat, there's heck of a lot of birds flying over you. Another brilliant video, thank you.

  13. Thanks for the vid. I have never really done bird photography but I am going out to a refuge this weekend so I thought I'd grab some tips. I learned a lot and I will utilize many of these techniques.

    P.S. Artie sounds a lot like Bernie Sanders. :P

  14. Thanks for the sharing. May I suggest to include the Q&A section at the end also in your future videos?

  15. Inspired me to get back to my bird photography and also to stop waiting and force myself to go on a trip to one of these exotic locales.

  16. Denise, do you back button pre focus? Would that be a better way to do it? Thanks.

  17. I can't wait to watch this. Thank you Denise, Arthur and B&H.

  18. I really enjoyed all of the informative tips both of you provided.

  19. thank you , thank you
    by far, the BEST talk on bird photography
    with the most practical advice

  20. Anand V (Fotostan)

    Love Arthur's wisdom on photography. Very insightful. I live in Sweden and this is the only way I can experience his teaching. Thanks B and H

    +Arthur Morris

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