Best professional DSLR Nikon D750

Best professional DSLR Nikon D750

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  1. Johnny CincoCero

    I know the D500 is DX, however, would you pick the D500 over the D750?

  2. I pick a D810 over the D750 any day..

  3. I think that is the best so far

  4. it is true that the best DSLR to date. It provides an extraordinarily good image quality at ISO very high without noise

  5. now d 750 over take tocannon 5 d mark3

  6. Christian SOHC'ER

    Why did you assign the FN buttons for the Aperture? The rollerwheel on the front sets the aperture by default in video mode.

  7. Great overview 👏

  8. I`m very disappointed in my D750. It is totallly unstable like autofucus not working for no obvious reasons. Personal settings disappearing and already 2 call back actions. Buffering sucks. I have owned Nikons since 1968 my F3 being the last that hand real quality.

    Yes, in the 80-ties product quality was a designers goal but nowadays it`s all about sales figures and releasing new and not (yet) fully developped products.

    Shame on Nikon!

  9. What lens is attached to the D750? Is that the 85mm Nikkor? What are your thought about the combo D750 and Sigma 24-105 Art as a genereal purpose setup?

  10. is it true that 7200 is better than 750 for gaining exposure quality?

  11. Oh, don't like what I'm saying….TUFF.

  12. Give me a camera no flash, no video and can actually do say ISO 8,000 clean and have some pro specs, then I would be very happy with it. If your going to complain about what I am saying due to video, fuck off, this is a camera, I am talking about what cameras do, that is take photos. However, because you all want soooooo much in a camera that doesn't relate to camera features, you have just made them bump the price up 10 fold, well done dickheads.

  13. You know what, screw this bullshit ISO cameras have like 50,-000 etc… no ISO is good above say 6400 period. Also video, uck that off as well, for that is what increases the price of a camera. Give me a camera that can do fast FPS, has good IO upto say 6400 and can do 11FPS when needed. All this crap about ISO of like 1 million or has a greta video, don't you morons get it…. Camera companies, want you to fight from photographers vs Video people and again you end upo bot BOTH paying much more than you should. Get an awesome Cam recorder for vid with interchangeable lenses and stick STICK to leaving cameras to what they do best or use to do best and that is, taking fckn photos. People aren't simply getting it, so that punches prices up SO we all pay WAYYYYyyy more than we should. You don't have to like what I'm saying, but that's truth.

  14. I have a D750 and I think its great. Bought for $ 2200 in Australia its was way cheaper than the D810 which was selling for $3500 !!! Some people bag the movable lcd scree ans being something on compacts but I just have it set back and dont use it cant see the problem.

  15. d750 icon of the light weight full frame

  16. d750 icon of the light weight full frame

  17. Nice overview of the Nikon D750 camera. I have a Nikon D750 camera and I love it.

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