BEST Entry Level DSLR 2016

BEST Entry Level DSLR 2016

- in CANON

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  1. should I get the Nikon d5300 or the Canon 750d?

  2. Well done! Like your enthusiasm and energy throughout this video. Keep up the great work!

  3. what is a good camera for wildlife photography

  4. I just bought this camera after watching this video and in really happy with it

  5. iam very confused which should i buy
    canon eos 750d or nikon d5300???plz tell me

  6. Hi. Can you tell me what speakers your using with your iMac please? Thabks

  7. Judea Contreras

    is this camera good for shooting night life photos?

  8. at all the analysis I've seen Pentax k70 is mutch better! So why the addiction with Canon and Nikon?

  9. Hey buddy, which one is better the Canon rebel t6 (1300d) or the Canon 700D no idea what its called in North Am. Helpppppp :)

  10. Not only the t6, but usually any older rebel would also do the job.

    Its the best bang for the buck, and also great for travel photos because of its side, weight and replaceability.

  11. Pragadhish Waran

    Nikon d5300 and Nikon d5500…best ?

  12. AaronFantaziiLive

    what camera u using here?! i want that !

  13. Yeah… I'm pretty sure the D3300 is much better for a couple reasons, but that's just me. 5FPS burst, much better image sensor in line with those used in the D7200, monocoque body, better dynamic range and low light performance (again, the sensor) and I find that the build quality is on par. The lack of focus points doesn't make too too much of a difference to the sort of photographer that both cameras are geared towards. It's got a mic jack too. You can get one factory refurbished (often times more reliable than untested cameras fresh off the assembly line) for a lot less than a T6 and can sink money left over into the 35mm 1.8 for DX or the 50mm 1.8G lens that Nikon makes to completely destroy what you'd get out of the more expensive T6 with the kit lens.

  14. God you act like people have money out the ass to spend god damn….

  15. What about the Canon EOS 100D

  16. Lefty Ball 0330

    Wtf… 1000 to 2000 dollars for a lens, I get paid $2 and hour and only work in the summer because I'm still in school… And I'm saving for a car

  17. canon eos rebel sl1 is better in my opinion

  18. hey am beginner can u tell me which is better cannon 700D or cannon 1200D or cannon 1300D or Nikon D5200 or nikonD5300.???? I wish a reply

  19. video quality looked terrible compared to the main camera used to film this video

  20. Lumix G7 kills the t6i.. for another 100 bucks you get awesome autofocus, 4k video and a smaller lighter body

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