BEST Entry Level DSLR 2015

BEST Entry Level DSLR 2015

- in NIKON


  1. David Alan Goldberg

    Karl, you're awesome, dude! Good video about a camera I will strongly consider. Stay positive, keep smiling, and find every opportunity to laugh. You have a new subscriber in the world. Peace… David

  2. I bought one and love it

  3. +Karl Conrad I want to buy a DSLR but I'm confused with canon 750d or nikon D5500

  4. Ne-con

  5. Very well done video. I think I would have subscribed no matter what though just because of the Star Wars models in the back

  6. was that canada ?

  7. MR. KARL thank you for the video – I am using the NICON D5500 EXELLENT CAMERA FOR ME

  8. Naidu mspllimited

    Hey d7000 is way better than d5500
    As the picture quality is better than 5500

  9. nikon d7000 or this ?

  10. This or the Canon 750D? Which do you think is best? I'll be using it mainly for photographs but also some video.

  11. …. silly rich kid ! wtf do you know about cameras ? … go take a ride in your porsche and leave the reviews to those who have a clue about it !!

  12. Your awesome

  13. Just you wait. The best one will come out on December 31st, 2015. Potentially.

  14. you say Nikon wired

  15. Entry level or Semi pro ?

  16. I don't get the Nikon marketing point. D5500 costs nearly 850$. Having this sum of money you can buy semi-pro D7100 which IMO is much better than D5xx. 
    Also another great variant for beginners is to but D5300 for 600$ and with the rest of 200-250$ but a prime nikkor lens (35mm f/1.8g or 50mm f/1.8g) which is more important than body. 
    D5xxx series is aimed to be bought by beginners, who in most cases doesn't have 850$. If Nikon wants this to happen the price should be 600$ for a new kit set , otherwise it won't be popular.
    As for me, i have D5100 with 35 mm f/1.8g and 85 mm f/1.8g and i'm not intended to buy even D5300 because D5100 sensor is still good and can compete with newer sensors :)

  17. ThErighTeouseDUDE 3

    nikon sucs i recommend canon they do a way better job on still and video

  18. Looks nice, how much does it cost?
    What do you guys think of the Olympus pen e-pl6 mirrorless camera, because that seems to have caught my eyes for an entry level cheap mirrorless.

  19. Pentax better.

  20. George Georgopoulos

    I was gonna go for the a6000 but in the end decided to buy the d5500 for the following reasons. The lack off fast glass for the sony is just simply wrong. For the d5500you can get the a Nikon 35mm 1.8 @ $220, 50mm 1.8 @ $220, 85mm 1.8 @ $500 and Tokina 11-16mm 'with’ AF @ $500. How could the sony's lack of lenses compete with this? Yes the 11fps sound great but….

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