Best DSLR For Video?

Best DSLR For Video?

- in CANON


  1. Great video guys! Out of interest, what is the phone stand on your desk in the background?

  2. What camera did you use for this video?

  3. Charming Chuckles Photography

    Thanks for this! I do own an older DSLR ( Nikon d3000), but it doesn't shoot video unfortunately. This was very helpful!

  4. wishing 1usd=1myr but its not ????

  5. Do you use this camera?

  6. For youtuber it is great but man i want to have the canon 5d great in low lights . I still have that old canon t1i and its fine for youtube.

  7. I use a Nikon Coolpix L840 it is great for video and photography

  8. Best all around would be a Lumix GH3 right now for the price of $597 at B&H. I have two and love them. (and the fantastic GH4 is only $1298) M4/3 is better than DSLR for video because it's designed as a hybrid camera from the start without being encumbered with a bulky prism and mirror which hampers heat dissipation, hence limits on video length, unlike the GH3 and GH4 which have no limit at all. The nice EVFs now days are better than optical because they gain up in dim light. And still quality is very close to something like a 5D MkIII especially with some of the nice professional quality constant aperture f/2.8 lenses. Oh, and also they are great for travel and long shoots because of the light weight and small size. Don't get stuck on Canikon just because everyone else does…

  9. I was actually thinking of getting this camera, but it will cost me much more with additional flash, lenses, mic and other stuff, because I am doing photography as well. So, I am thinking of going for Nikon D5300 which is pretty good being paired with a nice lens.

  10. Aidan Squirrell

    I use a canon t3i but I'm thinking of upgrading thanks for the video

  11. GrowingDownUnder

    What is the best video camera for graphics, zoom, focus, colour, lighting?…I want the canon me20f-sh but it's so expensive

  12. What camera did you use for making this video? and is it better than the canon 70D? thanks! :::) and great videoooo <3

  13. Maurice Roper Music

    I've used the IPhone 6S+ for my last three videos!

  14. which camera is better canon 70d or nikon d5500 for videos

  15. Is Canon D70 better than Nikon D5500 and Panasonic G7?(Complete priority to video)

  16. So I picked up a 60d kit…any chance you can dedicate a vid to talking lenses! The look in this vid convinced me to pull the trigger! Also a vid production workflow vid would be super interesting!

  17. Great Review Bro. I have a question though. When you say Canon 70D is the best when it comes to DSLR video, are you including the Canon 5D Mark III? Your response will help me make an educated decision.

  18. 70 d or 60 d … wat do u think

  19. Does the Nikon D7100 stack up against this one?

  20. great video buddy! I use a sony a5100 but I'm starting to want a canon 70D!!

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