Best Camera for YouTube & Vlogs | DSLR vs Smartphone vs Compact Camera

Best Camera for YouTube & Vlogs | DSLR vs Smartphone vs Compact Camera


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  1. RelentlessGemini

    This was great so much fun to watch love your personality def looking forward to seeing more from you 👍😊 head over to my channel for a laugh I make videos with my twin sister hope you sub as well 😇💜

  2. Nice informative video

  3. Use the phone for what it's really for text, talking, checking online, and gps.

  4. S6 looks the best wow

  5. Othman Kaddach Ichock

    a lot of people think that the charpness of the s6 is the best but no , a dslr has the best image quality when youur at outsides the lens help you a lot and give you better focus and blured background, you have to see the place and how it look more realist one the dslr but all of them do good job love my 600d

  6. Andre NM Skowronski

    Hello , very good video . I have a question that I Hope you can answer. I use a Panasonic TM900 . It a handycam which I Like a lot. Problem the size of video. In Brazil unfortunately , internet speed is very slow, which may motivate viewers not to watch because of the slow upload. Any tips / thoughts ? I use the cam for vlogging. Many Thanks !

  7. I already have the Galaxy S6, maybe a stupid question but can you plug an external mic into it to improve sound quality? If so i think ill start with using my S6

  8. Yvette M. Holland

    Thank you!

  9. I was thinking about buying a camera for vlogs but now I think I'll just use my galaxy s6 edge…. lol thank you!!!

  10. dslr handled it more realistically with colors the Samsung seemed to vibrant

  11. Does that Rode mic work when plugged into the Galaxy S6 directly? I want to find a good external microphone that will be plug and play with my S6 phone.

  12. no point worrying about megapixels with video dude, if recording in 1080p your camera is compressing frames to around 2mp whether you have 12mp or 50mp. the only time the digital zoom will be an advantage is in photos. 4k is only around 4mp when recorded.

    just thought id heads up people dont buy the biggest megapixel cam…. a lower megapixel cam for video use will be better, better low light and better Dynamic range.

  13. Juan Carlos Miranda

    do you think the rode mic would improve my audio on my galaxy s6 ?

  14. The Persian FOB

    thanks a lot, your video just saved me 200 bucks

  15. Great video, I've done a fair bit of research and I think the cheapest set up YouTube is.

    -Some cheap photography lights with daylight bulbs 5500k (£50)
    – your smartphone (free)
    – an Amazon basics tripod (£20)
    – and rode smart lav + (£40)
    – also if you have an android phone a chrome cast so you can view your footage as you film (£25)

    It requires no audio syncing, which is great. Also use if you want to edit a lot of video just get a Mac honestly :)

  16. This was a 100% Perfect video for me:)

  17. Thank you so much. I have been preparing to make another incursion into blogging. I made about a half dozen talking head videos a year ago. I wasn't completely happy with the technical results so I prepared to have another go with new equipment.

    I reviewed many YouTube videos offering equipment advice. Your video was by far the best – but I chose a different path. Your information gave me the courage to chose that different way.

    I think SLRs are obsolete and DSLRs only slightly less so. Two dozen years ago SLRs solved the framing/parallax problem of taking still pictures. This brought about a certain form factor which the public came to associate with professional photography.

    When cameras went digital we got DSLRs – a skiamorph. There is no longer any reason for that form factor and they are expensive.

    I chose another obsolete form. I chose a Canon camcorder. Camcorders look the way they do because at one time their shape was designed to fit around a video tape cassette. I had one of those but no one uses video tape anymore. Soon this form will fade away like the SLR form. But in the meantime you can get a camcorder with 1080p resolution, a good sound chip, and lots of handy automated functions for about $200. Your DSLR is about $1,000.

    I got a camcorder because they are cheap and have lots of features including good sound. I figure that with good lighting the size of the sensor doesn't matter much.   I'm setting up a studio in my basement. I have lots of good lights on stands. My latest purchases have been sand bags. I figure I won't miss the 'low light' capability of a camera with a bigger sensor.

    If I'm wrong I'll buy another camera. By then I may have more choices than today. But when I view YouTube videos the deficiencies I spot are not in cameras but in light and/or mic placement

  18. Great comparison videos. Thanks!

  19. Thank you mate, good video!

  20. audio editing is cheeper than 100 pound mic

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