Basic Real Estate Photography Techniques Series part 1 of 10

Basic Real Estate Photography Techniques Series part 1 of 10

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    Honestly I am surprised that the few videos I posted have helped people out there and I plan on following through with this little project that I thought would go nowhere. So there'll be more to come I promise.

  2. Small Circle Production

    What size lens are you using with the canon

  3. Cajun Woodworking

    Do agents ever hire a photographer to do this work?

  4. Ahmet Khan Tunckaya

    Wheres the other parts ?

  5. SavageInstitute

    Says he can't make it 2 minutes into a photography video…. proceeds to say nothing for two minutes… Lol.😀

  6. Berkshire Costa Rica Real Estate

    check out our costa rica real estate videos like


  7. Photographer Overnight

    You will find there are a lot of photographers out there who will tell you you're not good enough, but there are also photographers who are happy to share their knowledge and skills with you, so soak up all the knowledge you can get. Attend local seminars or classes that are available to you, get on Facebook photography group discussions, or follow helpful youtube channels with great photography tutorials like mine at Photographer Overnight. :)

  8. ADN Art Photography

    What is the lens are you using in your Canon?

  9. There is only 5 of 10 are you going to upload the rest?

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