baby picture ideas, newborn photography poses and props, tips how to get cute baby photos

baby picture ideas, newborn photography poses and props, tips how to get cute baby photos

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  1. Hi Christian thank you for sharing your ideas i love them all but the palm leaf was fantastic

  2. That is a lot of vitamin C, you must not get sick much. Great ideas.

  3. Constantin Seliman

    This are great ideas and fun to approach but mostly for professionals photographers.
    One thing that will help a beginner will be the settings, especially when using for example a Cannon Rebel T3, not a professional camera, indoor lights , not a external flash or umbrella… Somebody that is sick and tired of automatic setting and wants to learn more about manual will love to learn more about that. I know practice makes perfect and I know every room has different light, but every picture taken by a professional, adding the settings in that picture, a beginner will learn the settings and try to be as close to that instead of guessing and losing the shot … Cristian, sper ca nu am deranjat cu mesajul si multumesc frumos pentru acest video. Thanks

  4. Academy of Photography

    I have done the egg with 6 metal wire rings from a craft shop, tighten them up and down and deformed them to get an egg like shape. I have filled the egg with blanket filler and wrapped with with filler and fabric. I am not happy with it as it is, I will do it again….not sure how yet.

  5. Hi thank you for your amazing video, it was a great help.
    I was wondering if you have instructions on how you made that egg, I have also been trying to make one.

  6. This is simply superb. Grt photos and ideas. Thanx for sharing.

  7. Academy of Photography

    I appreciate and love your passion. good luck and do not forget to share your experience and work with others

  8. I really enjoyed this video & appreciate your unique ideas. Since I've decided to go into photography, ever time I'm at a store or out anywhere, I'm always looking for inspiration: Some prop or something. Sometimes I can't even sleep well at night because my head is racing with ideas!!! 🙂

  9. mhd farhansyam Farhan

    informasi yang sangat bagus & membantu

  10. Academy of Photography

    ISO 100, 1/125 sec – F 16,19,22
    Lights main full power, fill in half power and back lights depending on the situation

  11. thanks for your help could you give me the studio settings you use on your camera iso f-stop and shutter speed im trying to get that nice soft look i always see on baby's 🙂

    thanks again for all your help

  12. Academy of Photography

    I am Christian – not Stewart! 🙂

  13. Love your tutorials Stewart, very useful and informative so THANKS for sharing them with us 🙂

  14. Academy of Photography

    …my studio portraits are f16-f22. you will never loose quality by decreasing the aperture size. you will get a better and sharper image, with a deeper depth of field.
    If you want depth of field, that is a different matter

  15. hi no the photos look good my question is i can only get down to f11 stop with the strobes as this is what my light meter says to set my camera up to. i can not turn my strobes down they are at the min setting. the only way i can get down to the f5 stop is to pull the strobes a long way from the person.

    I just need to know you think that f11 stop is to high for portraits as i have seen every one saying to use as low as possible like f5 . Will i be loosing photo quality by using a high f11

  16. Academy of Photography

    Stewart – sorry for late reply. what is the question?
    step one – ISO 100, shutter speed 1/125 , F.11 – F22.
    if too overexposed increase shutter speed. If still to overexposed, turn the lights on lower power
    if too dark, increase the F stop. If still dark increase the power of lights. Is still too dark, increase ISO.
    work around settings you want and test continously

  17. hi i have another question i have my lens sorted and my strobe kit has arrived the problem is i can only get it down to about f 10-11 on my light meter if i use two strobes i can get it down to f 5-6 only if i take the strobes a long way away from the person im using a 85m 1.8 canon lens the strobes are 400w each and i have 4 of them 1600w all up i think they are to powerful what should i do is the picture going to be not as sharp at f11 because i see every one seems to use around f4-6 thanks

  18. Academy of Photography

    a 22 mm focal distance will deform the image in the corners. the best results are somewhere between 35 mm and 70 mm. But this is not only the focal distance. In my experience I have learned that you get what you pay for, or be happy with what you have. i have never heard of Samyang super wide angle. a good lens is sharp. a bad lens is blurry and has chromatic aberrations. why don't you try before you buy?

  19. it is for a 550d canon so if i am right i would have to x it by 1.6 so it would be a 22.4mm on my camera would i be correct in saying this


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