Automotive Photography Techniques – Panning

Automotive Photography Techniques – Panning

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  1. You didn't say anything about stabilization. Everything else is pretty intuitive for me, but thanks for repeating ;-)

  2. very helpful thank you 🙂 , im heading to photograph a friend taking part in a stunt car driving experience tomorrow to get some practice for shooting touring cars in june, ill send you some pics on fb of tomorrow 🙂

  3. Old crappy cars???? WTF dude!

  4. thankyou great one for newb like me

  5. Andrew, do u prefer shutter mode or manual mode….single shot or burst/multi shots mode? thx

  6. What software did you use to make your intro to this video?

  7. u r god (Y)

  8. John Bienkowski

    +CTspotter458 check this out

  9. Johnathan Evans

    great tip

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