Apple iPhone 6s vs DSLR camera: video comparison (4K vs 1080p)

Apple iPhone 6s vs DSLR camera: video comparison (4K vs 1080p)

- in CANON


  1. Kenny Gaia (Keko)

    T4i fucking professional? I was expecting a 70D or a 5DMKIII.

  2. Are we seriously comparing an APS-C sensor vs a 1/3 sensor? Go on… but at least learn the basics of ISO and apperture setup for gods sake…

  3. The problem with you not commenting the video is that we didn't see the scenes with our own eyes, and thus we can't judge how well the video represented the reality.

  4. The cannon is way over exposed

  5. Guys hold your horses, I've seen comments on this video saying that a dslrs are not for videos other saying that if you use a 5d mark III the results sepulte be different, come on, I'm a TV commercial producer I've produced half a million dollar production budget commercials that used 5ds mark II let alone III, the simplest dslr with kit lenses will crush an iPhone 6 if you are willing to take the time to know what you are doing, to point and shoot buy a camera from the category point and shoot it is called that for a reason, it will be better than the phone and the dslr, for portability and recording of something just to remember later the phone is perfectly fine and does miles better than what people think it could ever do back in the day, the point is give the phone, a point and shoot and the dslr to my photography director and he will be able to shoot a freaking movie with it that will look like he use a professional equipment that worth hundreds of thousands to someone that have no idea what quality really is, but dslr will be by far the easiest to use even with shit lenses just because it does give you more quality images of you know what you are doing, if you have great lenses it will be even better, the point and shoot will look decent, and the phone too, give the same things to me and the point and shoot will be better sometimes sometimes the dslr, give it to someone that don't know what iso means point and shoot all the way than phone than dslr, phones are great nowadays you can buy small lenses to improve even further the quality but real cameras just do a better job when you learn how to shoot.

  6. Yeah great. But the image sharpness is only one part of the truth….. Any real photographer or videoographer knows what i am talking about…

  7. iPhone good

  8. DSLR are ALWAYS going to be better than a smartphone camera since they are made just to take photos. I'd like to see the iphone go up against the Canon EOS-D1 or Nikon D4S and see how it would do.

  9. Mihalcea Mihnea

    Iphone is more better, în my opinion

  10. Joseph Meets Travel

    the 6s is definitely the better choice here.

  11. Fred Rc the vlog guy

    I think the 650 d is better

  12. iphone 6s is better

  13. Can you tell me what lense you used for the t4i? Or did you use a lense?

  14. The mics are way better on iPhone. Color is also more natural. So besides optical zoom, iPhone seems to be better

  15. I think the light on the DSLR Camera is way better. But the Pixel and the Sound quality of the iPhone 6s is better.

  16. apples and oranges

  17. iPhone 6s is much better. I am not an Apple fan at all but it wins hands down in image quality. sound quality goes to the dslr though

  18. Preety similar

  19. iPhone

  20. Canon still got it !

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