Angry Photographer: TOP DX Nikon DSLR lens recommendations to save you money! Part 2

Angry Photographer: TOP DX Nikon DSLR lens recommendations to save you money! Part 2

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  1. what would be better deal 40mm 2.8 or 35mm 1.8 dx, optically? the 40mm is great for macro shots? and only cost a couple of dollars more

  2. I have nikkor 24-85 fx 2.8-4f would u have to say about is it better thn the one u have ?? Or ahould i get newerr one

  3. I wish I had seen your channel sooner. So I use a D3300 and I recently purchased a 55-300 AF-S nikkor 4.5-5.6 G ED with VR and I am wondering how it stacks up to the 70-300 your speaking about. I paid about $260 for it. I am now keeping a look out for the 24-85 VR G ED  just wondering what the differance is between the IF and the AF-S. Thanks

  4. Which is better the Nikkor AF 50 1.8D, or the AF 35 2D?

  5. Thank you for all the great videos! I have a quick question in regards to DX lenses. When using a DX lens on a DX camera do you still need to apply the 1.5x applied focal length calculation or is that calculation already applied to the claimed focal range of the lens? Btw, I just bought the 60mm f/2.8 Micro based off your recommendation and LOVE it! Both the 70-300 and the 10-24 are on my wanted listed, but the next for me will definitely be the 100mm Tokina (once again off your recommendation) for those lovely macro goodness shots. The bugs do not seem to enjoy me trying to stick my 60mm up their ass to get a 1:1 shot. LOL. Thanks again.

  6. What is the difference between the kit 55-300 and the recommended 70-300?  Both have VR, ED glass and are G series (actually I am not quite sure what all that means, just that it is all apparently, to the untrained eye, the same.  Thank you for the videos!

  7. Good advice mate. I am planning to get a D7200 body only plus at least 2 maybe 3 other lenses all depending on my budget. I want a range from a wide angle to 300mm so the 70-300 is definitely in. However with my limited budget, I was thinking of getting the 18-70mm. Nikon apparently don't make this lens anymore. It's not even an old skool type lens. If I remember correctly this lens was sort of like a slightly better built kit lens than the 18-55mm and in some markets was bundled with the D80/90 I think. What are your thoughts on that? Can't get it new so would have to search for it used. Struggling to find one here in Malaysia. Would you know how much that would cost stateside? If I can't find it I'll probably get the sigma 17-70mm. Is that a better option do you think?

  8. Sir.I just want to thank you for this vid. I just got my Nikkor VR 70-300 lens from Ebay for $275. It's mint! The filter is a made in Japan Pro master uv and is mint shape also. It's pretty crappy out but I did shoot a few pictures..Everything works are sharp. Can't wait to get it out on a nice day and really put it through the motions! Can you tell me what the normal/active switch is all about. Again thanks!

  9. Is it necessary to own a zoom lens at all? Once I purchased the 35mm Dx prime I stopped using my kit lenses. Morre

  10. So I am kind of screwed with a D3100 as far as FX lenses go?

  11. Guillermo Fuentes

    what do you think about the tokina 11-16 2.8?

  12. You are a fucking life saver dude! I have a trip planned to Catalina Island this weekend and I just purchased this 24-85 and 70-300 for under a grand in total. Please keep these vids up! You da real MVP!

  13. Elbert Zip Johnson jr.

    which lens you recomend for 300S?

  14. Stuck with a Nikon D3200 and a D60 and 35mm prime and 18-55mm lenses, anyone any suggestions for an additional lens (zoom, prime etc) and where I can get them very cheap (free would be great as I'm not loaded and this photography is one hell of an expensive addiction!! Thanks

  15. Sir I own the Tamron 16-300 lens.Great coverage..soft pictures. I see Nikon has a refurbished 70-300 VR  for $299. I could sell my Nikon D5100 and the Tamron lens and get it. Would you trust a refurbished lens? I know you love the 70-300. I bet it would blow the Tamron out of the water. Your thoughts on this please. Thanks sir! Dave

  16. What about the Nikon 50mm F1.8 G? instead of D

  17. Good  choices for a starter ……two tips take lots off photos hours be hind the camera practicing will count more than hours watching video on lenses .These three or four lens will give you enough range to get a feel for what a lens can offer range wise. if you buy on eBay read every thing in the listing is a case of buyer beware !!!!
    words like minty or +++ the ones to look for BUT it take less time to read the listing listing than return the item or items,,,,,,, of course you know Mr Angry just always worth restating
    this may be the first video someone watches…………….

  18. Hy,I need a macro lens for my Nikon d3300,what is best in your opinion..tnx!

  19. Its the Aperture that matters, not whether the lens is prime or zoom. Having said that a 70 -200 mm zoom with a fixed aperture of say 1.8 is better than a prime 90 of similar aperture. Zooms are better than corresponding primes at about their mid range! Your theory that half of one's glass should be prime is simple!

  20. Hello I was looking at the Nikkor 70-300mm 4.5-5.6g and you said this is very sharp lens and dxomark has this lens rate it as 9 p-mag pixels have you check their results at all please advise

    Thank you

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