Angry Photographer: Part2 – TOP 4 Best-Value NIKON DSLR categories in 5 cameras & why

Angry Photographer: Part2 – TOP 4 Best-Value NIKON DSLR categories in 5 cameras & why

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  1. The D7000 should actually be avoided. I have it and it has oil on the sensor. I'm around 24,000 actuations and cleaned once around 22,000. After a month and 2,000 shots oil came back and visible at F/16. It's not worth it. Go with something besides the D600.

  2. What are the top point & shoot cameras with crisp/quality photos?

  3. I bought 2 D700s on Ken's recommendation.  I feel the D700 represents top value for the dollar and is especially great for those of us who have large hands.  My best pictures have been gotten from the D700.  It is an exciting camera to use.   I tried the D750 and it is now  good camera that Nikon has worked out the bugs in it.  The D750 though feels kind of toy like with its DX like set up compared to the D700 pro built like a tank set up.  The D750 is also smaller and my fingers feel a bit squeezed, however it shoots excellent images and is good for medium hands.  I have pretty much lost all interest in DX format.    I think the next jump for me will be the D800e as although I love the D810 they are kind of expensive as I like having 2 cameras of same model for back up.  Meanwhile I m building up my glass collection until I can get the D800e.

  4. xxxblackmamba120xxx

    i have been going over this upgrade for about a month now, going over your videos. i do have a question for you. I just had my first child and would love to just take pictures of everything we do with our family. I'm on the fence over the D700 and the D7100, I have a few FX lenses already so what do you think would be the best option?

  5. Is the Nikon D300s good?

  6. why no Canon cameras?

  7. All I have left to buy is a freakin good Wide Angle zoom lens for the 7100.

  8. I have a D7000 and I kick the shit out of some of my pro photographers Friends that are using the D 700 and D750. I use mine for night, astro photography and wild life. The only thing I'm just a Touch behind in is the astrophotography but I still get awesome Milky Way shots. Can't thank you again for the recommendation on the Nikon 300 ED if AI lens.

  9. Joe Amato (Joe and Dody)

    I have the d-750, its a beauty 5d mark 3 killer.

  10. Joe Amato (Joe and Dody)

    You forgot the 7200

  11. I shoot Portrait photography, know i have Nikon D3100 and also Nikkor 50mm 1.8G , i want to upgrade but im betwen D7100 and D700. Wich should i Buy ?

  12. I just got the D810.. what do i think ? BUY IT ITS FOOKIN AWSOME !!!

  13. got the nikon d750 amazing

  14. I really like this guy's informative videos, however I disagree with him on Nikon.
    I would ONLY recommend the Nikon D3s/D700 & D7100. Although D7100 has too much shutter lag, it is a good value. Stay away from the VERY defective D7000 (I had to return it 4 times due to defective units). I have a love hate relationship with my D800E. I will never buy another Nikon ever again… maybe an older D3s, D700, D300S or older.
    New Nikons SUCK!

  15. Hello Mr. Angry, I am planning to buy a used D800 from a friend that has about 13000 actuation's for about less than half the price of a new D810. I owned the D610 and actually happy with it as an all around camera. I was planning to do some landscape and wildlife, so instead of changing lens from landscape to wildlife from my D610 which I was afraid of dust and moist might get inside, a second camera would be the best solution. What is your take with the D800? I know the D810 is the current best camera but considering it would be difficult to find a used D810 here in my place and specially the price would be higher, I'm looking forward for the D800. Any thoughts? thanks as always.

  16. Very very useful Ken. I watch and learn and enjoy most of your videos. I have just gone back a few videos to get your point of view with camer models. My old D90, I like a lot but I do think now a D700 is a goal for me. So thanks for what you do. For interest only, here is my site for vintage pens. I don't put this here for any other reason except to share. Kindest Regards Tim Marshall

  17. I curently own a Nikon d700, I love this camera , it tore me away form Hasseblad film camera. After shooting with film for 40 plus years I went digital because of the price….. and weight. As I age I still love to shoot and need to consider all the issues. I just purchased a d750 because it as video and most of the same as D700. I had to return the first D750 as the flash did not work. After shooting for several weeks A wedding, several portrait session I was getting use to it. But this new one just froze at a portrait session. No reason? But after removing and reinstalling batter and turning it of and on it started to work. Never the less I did not pay 2000 for a camera that has issues? What is your current knowledge. You have logic that agree. Bag for your bucks, plus needs. thank you gloria

  18. + another happy D7100 owner. Thanks for the recommendation!

  19. Ibraheem Al-Shammari

    D750 has the best focusing system in the entire photography industry, it has the tendency to isolate subjects in a 3D manner, especially when you shoot wide open. The D810 cannot produce photos that have that feature. Now for the AA filter bullshit. Having no AA filter produces massive amounts of Aliasing and that is why all cameras with no AA have alot of mega pixels. D800e and 810 are 36mp, Cannon? 50 something megapixels. Thats too much to manage in terms of post processing and memory cards, and I really cant find the benefits of an AA filter on flickr in terms of photo detail. D750 has some serious high ISO capabilities. Buy the D750, you will not regret it.

  20. Hi Ken

    I'm an amateur photographer and in a tough situation. I can't choose between the d610 and the d750. I love shooting landscapes and astrophotography. I can buy the d750 with a 50mm 1.8 lens for a start but If I buy the d610 I can have the 50mm 1.8 and the 24mm rokinon. The problem that I have with the d610 is the ISO performance and the fact that you can't change the aperture when recording video. It's not like I'm going to record videos all the time but I like that the features for recording videos is there when I need it. Is it worth to spend an extra $900 so I can have better ISO performance in photos and aperture control in videos?

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