Angry Photographer: PART 1: ALL NIKON DSLR’s. Which are A BEST BUY in 4 different price brackets

Angry Photographer: PART 1: ALL NIKON DSLR’s. Which are A BEST BUY in 4 different price brackets

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  1. What is your opinion sir?

    I own a Nikon D3s with only 10K clicks, the quality is in my opinion better than every Nikon I owned before: D300-D700-D3x-D2x-D7100, D800 (still own its from my wife,) is TERRIBLE, I don't like the 36MP superduper camera at all, nice features sure, but the Image Quality is f*cking horrible, sorry but its just my 2cts.
    I owned the Nikon D4s, but the value money ratio is bad, I sold it again, and buy myself a beautiful Nikon D3s again, for me just the best and robust camera I now.
    Greetings from the Netherlands :)

  2. Constantin Jenson

    I bought 2 days ago Sony alpha 58. Is it Respected camera or totally flop?
    Thank you for help

  3. what do you think of the Nikon D90

  4. Coming from a Canon G10, what body and lenses I should get for a total of $800 USD or less? Given I do a mix of micro and street, day and night?

    There is a D7000 body in my area minty for $200 USD, in which I have wondered, pondered, and dreamed about…

  5. I have a D5300 and intend to invest in fullframe …. what would be the most cost-effective ??

  6. First of all, I want to say that i love your videos. Great load of info on everything, it shows that you have a huge amount of experience. Second of all, I want to ask you for advice: I have a choice to make between a brand new nikon d5300 (grey market) for 500$ that comes with the standard kit lens 18-55 or a used d7100 body that has about 16k shots for an extra 150$.

  7. What do you think of D610. I think of trading D7100+sigma 18-250 for D610 to enter the FF world.

  8. So if I buy a Grey Market D750 for $1500, and I dont expect it, but if something does go south on the camera, who do I take it to for repairs?  Saving $500 is a huge deal.

  9. What is the difference between "Grey Market and USA?  I was told the cameras are exactly the same.  Any reasons not to by the Grey Market cameras?  I was thinking of getting a D750 but the $2000 price tag is a bit out of my range.  Very happy with my D7100 and D7000 though.

  10. Cameras and lenses are just a means to an end, if you're in business then the end is a profit, if you are a hobbyist the end is the photographic result. So why collect so many cameras and lenses when you only need one or two. You're either very rich or very foolish.

  11. just got a D7100, new from daxmart for $589, 28-70mm  for $670 from eBay

  12. "I can be long winded at times…"
    No kidding.  lol

  13. deadpan host.

  14. Buy me a d7100 Mr Angry Photographer. I only want one because you say its the best for your buck.

  15. what do you think about the D90?

  16. I bought a used D-7000 with 12000 clicks on it + the 18-55mm and 35mm lens for 550,- Good deal or not?

  17. i realize that Nikon makes good cameras and all.I recently handled a D610 and D7100 but what i can't get over is the cheap finish of these cameras. I am talking about their plastic feel. any thoughts?

  18. whoa now… I recently purchased a minty d800 with 15k's on the shutter for 1250 (grey market) and strayed away from the d750 specifically for it's more plastic feel (because of integrated wifi) and it's flippy-screen which I have no use for/want for/I thought it'd be more things to break. I never thought I'd here you advocate for the 750 specifically for the plastic-feel and flippy screen.

  19. To +Theoria Apophasis or anybody else reading this: If I were to buy a used camera, should I really be concerned about shutter actuation count? Lol not that I expect to shoot anywhere close to 10,000 shots a year or anything, but I do hope the equipment that I decide to buy will last a long time.

  20. Hi, if I buy a gray market Nikon D750 from ebay, do you know if Nikon is still gonna fix the flare issue if it has one?

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