Allison & Chris – Wedding at The Florentine {Canon DSLR Wedding Video}

Allison & Chris – Wedding at The Florentine {Canon DSLR Wedding Video}

- in CANON

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  1. Greg Paradi - Gergely Paradi

    Stunning video ! One of the best I've ever seen !!

  2. wonderful work, can you give me the title of second song?

  3. You all are INCREDIBLE and your work is so inspiring. I've seen many of your videos now and am always blown away by your ability to capture the moment so beautifully. If you don't mind me asking, what picture style (and +/- settings) do you use? Also, do you have a specific trick for getting your exposure correct (i.e. false color, a monitor, histograms, zebras, or something of the sort)? Any answers/advice would be greatly appreciated.

  4. love the editing and transitions on this! I'm a fan of your work! =)

  5. Hey guys. Really inspired by your work. I've become somewhat of a pixel peeper videographer, and really dread the the fragile looking footage that comes out of my Canon 6D. I noticed you guys shoot on a 6D. How do you get it to be so crisp and detailed. Do you record to an external recorder or SD card?

    What are your camera settings? Cinestyle?
    How about lighting?

    What is your post production workflow, from grading to editing, to export and everything in between. I just cant seem to figure it out.

  6. which microphone is as you use?

  7. Kesia Alves de Oliveira

    you guys have no idea how much i cried in watchin this and i don't even know why! my goals on life is to be able to record this little things that made people like me tears apart! i hope one day you guys made a video wedding for mine! all the love xx brazil here!

  8. Hi guys!! First off I just wanted to say this is amazing work!!! Second off I wanted to find where you are based out of? I 'm a event manager/planner based in Atlanta and would love to work with you one day. Heck I would love to have you do my wedding! wonderful wonderful work!

  9. Dirksón! Photography

    wonderful work!

  10. Just started shooting weddings and have only shot a handful, I watch your videos and hope to get on your level one day, you guys are awesome! If you ever have some time to look at my stuff and give me some feed back bad or good, that would be great! If not no worries you guys are amazing and keep doing what you do!

  11. Mindfulproduction Videos

    Hey bro, this is one of the best wedding video i have seen. Great Job!

  12. I know Im late to the game but I agree with all others you are the best! question do you shoot your weddings in 24p and do you use FCPX? Thanks for inspiring!

  13. beautiful bride, beautiful people, beautiful wedding ! <3

  14. hi. another amazing work you have done again and made me cry. I would like to know a bit things about davinci resolve. Did you create a LUT for every shot or manually grading color? did you touch the log wheel or primary wheel? because it looks more cinematic than any other wedding video i ever seen. vignette has applied also?

  15. whats the song in the opening

  16. Is that an HD aerial drone shot at 2:12min into the video?? That's an awesome shot!!

  17. my god you people are turning out to be some of my favorite cinematographers.
    Its not longer just videography, but these are so cinematic that this is cinematography to me now. KEEP UP THE AMAZING WORK!! Can not wait to see more!

  18. Hello flims the poets . receive a warm greeting from me. I would like to ask you a question . when you are moving taking video, do you use a steadycam … ? how can you focus? 🙂 ty so much.

  19. emmanuel joy sarker


  20. I'm speechless…

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