Aerial Photography Tips

Aerial Photography Tips

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  1. Outstanding ….. great information. I am early on in my aerial videography journey.

  2. rejoicemultimediaimages

    Great video! What kind of camera did you use for the machine?

  3. Hello nice video; me and my mate have into drones for a year and I have a dji f450 he has one of the tricopters from your sites and were getting FPV- and we were wondering can u do a FPV tutorial video.Thanks :D

  4. is there a way to make the drones quitter?

  5. This new Section 333….Does it prevent me from using my Quad for music videos..? Recently purchased a qrx350 pro and now after all this leagal mumbo jumbo Im worried I wasted my money.Help.

  6. Where do I find out how to build a professional photo quad?

  7. Which camera is that on the drohne?

  8. I recorded a light house with my drone, how did I do? That would be great getting feedback possibly

  9. dji phantom 2 is an other good plat form

  10. Philip Hounsham

    Cheers Josh & Eric Informative & Educational and above All Fun Fun Fun
    Thank you ????

  11. Thanks, guys. Throwing in my vote for an episode on the editing software you mention at the end. Would also be helpful to point out what can only be done from a mac. Thanks again.

  12. Lucien II Moolenaar

    An excellent introduction to what could have been a complicated but intriguing hobby! Thank you.

  13. Does anyone have suggestions on filming/flying inside a house? Been asked by my neighbor if I can do this for him; tried once and the quad was all over the place. Have a DJI Phantom2 with GoPro Hero 4 Black.

  14. great tips,thx guys looking forward to next video

  15. Great as usual but I am hoping you will soon add some editing tips. The final magic will always be in post. :)

  16. Spot on.

  17. where can I get one of these? how much are they?

  18. Can some one explain to me how a tricopter doesn't constantly yaw to the direction in which two of the three props are spinning?

  19. marquixHD Video Production, Photography, Content Creation & Multi-Lingual SEO

    the greatest Aerial Video special I ever saw — yet. So now I'd really love to hear about Eric's more detailed Post Production tips including special tools (Open source ones?) doing all kinds of color or lens corrections etc. Myself very much into Ffmpeg and openShot (instead of the standard Adobe or Apple proprietaries), I'd love to hear Eric's (and Josh's) take(s) on what's happening after you bring in the footage…

    Thanks, guys!

  20. so i bought a quad today what a biatch to fly tought when you point it to me i would come but no that shit has a front …l how the fuck am i supose to know where the fuck is pointing i cant see that shit far in the air … mmm frsutrating!!

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