Accessory That Powers Your Canon DSLR for Over 8 Hours

Accessory That Powers Your Canon DSLR for Over 8 Hours

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  1. DSLR Video Shooter

    +Nathan Buchanan The top handle is attached to the cage not the top of the camera. This is MUCH stronger and the recommended way to go.

  2. Nathan Buchanan

    Hey, I just noticed also that it looks like you have your top handle attached to the hotshoe on your camera. have you had any trouble with doing that? I would have a super hard time trusting that option.

  3. Nathan Buchanan

    No chance. Those things are terrible. There is no way I would risk a shoot on a cheap battery rig like that.

  4. Moving Gear Productions

    I bought one of these and was disappointed in the Battery holders on the unit. One broke the first time I put a battery in it. I then ordered 2 new stronger battery clips. I had to drill holes and do some soldering, but now the batteries won't come off unless I want them off. The unit itself works perfect and even better now that I upgraded the battery clips.

  5. Good looking set 😉 Where can I find that kind of cage?

  6. Could I plug this into a gh4?

  7. Tariq S. Alexander Waheed

    Thanks for the reply Roberto
    With the C100 of course you have a much longer shooting time but with DSLR the batterie device is fantastic!
    I bought it in Calebs advice and I´m Thrilled about the shooting time I got with this set-up
    Kind regards

  8. The Kaohsiung Rockers

    Can I set up work on 7D2?

  9. would you use this batterysetup as counterweight?

  10. is there an indicator if the battery is low? thanks.

  11. Does this work for nikon?

  12. Do you know if there's an adapter for the Sony a7s? I already have NP-F970 batteries for my Shogun, so this could be super helpful.  

  13. Real NP-F970 batteries cost $120 bucks. They will last nearly 4 times as long as the fake $30 ones. Beware of Sony counterfeit batteries. 

  14. Caleb, great videos.  Question on the Sony NP-F970.  Do you know who manufacturers this, and is there a source in the USA.  I can only find vendors in China, and not the actual manufacturer.  Thanks for your help.  Keep up the great work!

  15. Would this setup work for a Sony a7s? I'm getting ready to travel through north india and nepal to shoot a documentary. I've heard the a7s eats up battery life.

  16. is their a link i can't seem to find one?
    I followed the one on your website, but no luck.

  17. F-Stop Productions

    Very helpful!

  18. do you think i can use that with the eos M?

  19. Is there a way to use this with nikon 14 batteries?

  20. What monitor is that?

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