A Canon rep look back on the DSLR video “revolution”

A Canon rep look back on the DSLR video “revolution”



  1. When you know Spanish, it's funnier what the man is actually saying rather than what it's subtitled.

  2. BUYER BEWARE! his book 5D Raw Shooters Guide" is BUG FILLED and ERRONEOUS in so many places it makes it WORTHLESS!!!  ZERO HELP or feedback from him as well!! REFUSES TO REFUND! RIP OFF!!!

  3. Funniest video on YouTube 

  4. Hahahahahahaha

  5. So much truth to this! Haven't regretted leaving Canon and getting a Sony FS7.

  6. It's so disappointing that Canon haven't moved any further forward on video. I get that they've focused on the cinema cameras but they started this DSLR revolution and they've let the competition kick their asses recently. Maybe Samsung, Panasonic and Sony had to do something drastic to catch up but boy did they do it well.

  7. This is just too good.. and accurate. :)

  8. Darren Abate Media

    Spot on, all of it. I can't stop laughing.

  9. Shit, I watched it now the third time and I´m still in tears from laughing :D

  10. This is gold!! Very true.

  11. I would laugh at this guy no matter what the subs are…..LOL

  12. Risas

  13. 28 canon users could not shoot 4k video…
    I´m canonite too, and I don´t know If I should cry or laugh. Really. So true….

  14. That was fun to watch. ????

  15. This video destroyed me,I laughed so hard that I got hick-ups and my liver and kidneys hurt hahahaha.

  16. The Reality of the industry. Canon rep look back on the DSLR video "revoluti…: http://youtu.be/sJBq0z2Vmu4

  17. lol… this spanish ppl.. hahahahaha ole Andalucia

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