6 Tips for Perfect Composition in Portrait Photography – 50mm lens

6 Tips for Perfect Composition in Portrait Photography – 50mm lens

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  1. whats model of your lens ?
    50mm stm lens f1.8 or 50mm f1.8 ii or f1.4 or L lens f1.2 ?

  2. Manuel Managbanag

    Nice and helpful…

  3. girl are you married??? would you marry me???

  4. I want to use my 7inch lens in your body kit

  5. Really the tips are very useful
    being a fashion photographer myself
    when i take these tips into my mind …its really help me a lot …………….

  6. Mohammed Al-Faraj

    thank you for your video, helpful awesome and you are pretty girl

  7. you are really beautiful. i wish i could talk with you………….

  8. These pictures are far from "perfect" and the one in the thumbnail looks like you're taking a dump.

  9. Your Speech Nice…..You are eye beautiful

  10. Thank you Imogen.. Would you consider doing a posing video. There are so many young models/ photographers out there that want to do well but just do not know how to pose . Any video tips would be appreciated. Thanks kr Tony
    ps keep up the good work you two x

  11. ณัฐวรรธน์ ชะนะเพีย

    Thank you very much

  12. balázs Kishonnti

    Thanks for the tips! I known some of these techniques, but some of them were also new to me! 😀
    Ps: at 3:22 that photo is awesome :D

  13. hey whats your name ?

  14. 'n so sweet……..'🍨

  15. For real, stop shaking boobs while you're talking it's dumb

  16. Jeric Ralleigh Aquiatan

    thanks for the tips and your so beautiful 😁

  17. Thanks for the video… I am a beginner and this helps me a lot..😊

  18. Good. Thank

  19. Bonitas fotos

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