6 Favorite features of Magic Lantern – Custom firmware for your Canon DSLR

6 Favorite features of Magic Lantern – Custom firmware for your Canon DSLR

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  1. Hello, you mentioned it runs off the sd card. Does it mean I have to have the SD card ( or CF card in my case ) in the camera all the time ? Thanks !

  2. LifeForcePhotos.com

    that helps thanks.

  3. gaetanproductions

    great review, thanks !

  4. also, for photography and magic zoom focusing, will it only appear on lcd display or does it appear inside the small viewfinder that is normally used for photography? thanks

  5. in order to have magic zoom window appear and dissapear using half shutter, do i need electronic comunication between lens and camera? Another words, say i use a vintage manual pentax lens on a canon 50d , do i need an pentax k to eos adapter that has focus confirmation etc?

  6. Cool video, I can not find your first two options on my Canon 5D Mark ii. I am running the latest ML Frimware. I do not see the overlay options (Grid Display or Crop Marks) or the Magic Zoom. Thank you in advance!

  7. How much does it cost to download the magic lantern?

  8. You say that ML is free, but it would be nice if people would consider a donation for the untold hours of hard work that went into the various releases.

  9. Could the FPS Override allow for the Canon T5i record at 1080p60? I'm keen on using 60fps at 1080p but the T5i only does 720p60.

  10. I just learned of Magic Lantern today. I found it while searching for some performance benchmarks on the EOS 5Diii. It looks x-useful, and I plan to spend some more time looking into it.

    In the meantime, I am hoping someone can provide a pointer to some measurements of the write speed for the SD channel in the EOS 5Diii. I'm interested in photo performance, not video. And I know the buffer makes a huge difference until it gets full. In fact, that's what I want to know: how many RAW frames will the camera dump to the SD card on a sustained basis? I've seen postings that it's 20 MBytes/sec, but you know how that is… I'd like to see some "hard data".

    Thanks, this is great work!

  11. Yes, T5i ( 700D ) has Raw Video

  12. Can you please do some settings for canon 50d

  13. Thanks Dude!

  14. Mauro Sciambi (dronemagiavolo)

    Ciao…!ma una volta installato magic lantern come faccio poi a tornare al firmware 1.1.1 canon?si fa tranquillamente?grazie!

  15. all of a sudden the magnifying box appeared on my screen after i pressed the "Q" button and i dont know how to get rid of it. (i'm not sure if i changed any settings or anything) also the box i'm talking about is just a white rectangle in the middle of the screen that can be moved around with the arrow keys. how do i remove it? plz i need help.

  16. How do you get the battery percentage up on the screen like you have?

  17. Hey! I just found out about ML mod, but now i'm wondering about one feature.
    I'm getting 700D(Rebel T5i) really soon. It can shoot 720p 60fps, but it only shoots 29.97fps on 1080p. Can I override FPS to 60 in 1080p recording using Magic Lantern? (using memory card fast enough, like 40mb/s at least)

  18. I know this is probably a stupid question, but what happens if i put a different sd card in my camera than the one with ml installed? Will i just get my normal camera menu?

  19. Thanks for a great tutiorial , but i have a question, will the motion detection option in the intervalometer option work in video mode ?

  20. Your Magic Zoom explanation is brilliant. Thanks!

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