5 Things you didn’t know Android can do

5 Things you didn’t know Android can do



  1. glad I don't have iphone, thx for the quality man

  2. Ryusuke Fukazawa (amazingryusukefukazawa)

    Ahhh man! 4K is not available on smartphones…

  3. The most value adde for me was using my smartphone with my DSLR. Thanks man!

  4. Getting an s6 for christmas. Can't wait to try out the smartphone remote app

  5. Thats the s6 edge m8

  6. have that same same clock from background

  7. Thank you! Very helpful tips that I didn't know…especially for my Canon DSLR!!! Great job!!!

  8. Sir which camera/lens do you use?

  9. dat power button at 0:42 looks a lot like Sony Xperias power buttons

  10. anyone calls u a geek , consider it a compliment my friend, I thought I knew a little, but u know a lot, thanks for the post, happy holidays, Tom in ca.

  11. Undenied Punisher

    high quality video! great job!

  12. iHued Smartphone Garage Door Opener

    Cool video. See our Web Garage Door Opener with webcam ⛔ #iHued-Garage ⛔ P.S. I Liked your video hope you can do the same, thanks ;-)

  13. The Dodge Viper Channel

    some Android tablets have a ir blaster like a the Samsung Galaxy tab 4

  14. The Dodge Viper Channel

    is my Acer inconia tab 8 compatible with the plug and play device

  15. I enjoyed your video.  It was very helpful.  Thank you!

  16. Very informative, and unique products! Thanks for your hard work!

  17. Love your video any good tips for my Samsung Galaxy s6 edge plus

  18. Best Feutures EWER!!! Good Job!

  19. Johannes Werner

    These smooth moving shots with the smartphone, how do you do them? With digital stabilizing?

  20. You can get a $16 NFC ring to unlock your phone when you hold it. (What I do)

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