4 Expert Tips for Child Photography by Elena Shumilova

4 Expert Tips for Child Photography by Elena Shumilova

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  1. photos are amazing, clip.. sucks

  2. Her photography is so powerful. I would love to be mentored by her!

  3. When Keith Starkey says that Elena is the Thomas Kincade of photography, I'm not sure it's a compliment. 

    Elena is obviously a talented photographer and her tips are excellent. Shooting kids is a difficult process and her tips are very useful for parents.

    The one thing that isn't discussed here is that her photos are highly processed to produce a very stylized look. That's not a bad thing, but her tips here won't help you produce the 'look' she achieves. These tips will help you get more natural and relaxed poses. If you're interested in reproducing her 'look,' you'll need to immerse yourself in Lightroom and Photoshop.

  4. Алексей Куликов

    Прекрасные фотографии и обработка.

  5. Carol Lienhart Hill

    Elena, when I need inspiration for my artistic slices, I watch this video…again.  Love to you and your beautiful family. <3

  6. I really truly feel like tip #4 is the best tip in general for photography. By having fun and making the people who you are photographing laugh you get really nice shots and set up a very genuine cool vibe. It's actually something i struggle with because I'm a shy person lol. But i feel like this tip is too true.

  7. Great reel.  Really nice work :)

  8. Beautiful pictures of real life. Happy Mother's Day! 

  9. Stellar.

  10. This is great! Thank you for sharing!

    Does anyone have the name of this song? Thanks a lot!!!

  11. She's the Thomas Kincade of photography.

  12. My favorite photographer!

  13. S.C.D.J. EN V.C.

    your work is Simply Amazing!
    thanks for sharing, congrats!

  14. incredible

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