3 Tips to Master Exposure Technically and Creatively | Photography 101

3 Tips to Master Exposure Technically and Creatively | Photography 101

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  1. Newbie question alert. I understand that as I adjust the aperture from F16 to F2.8 a background will become increasingly blurry. However from a technical perspective I don't understand why this is the case. As I move towards F2.8 more light comes into the lens. Shouldn't additional light make the background clearer? Why does reducing the amount of light with F16 make the picture more clear?

  2. Amanda Berckefeldt

    This is genius. Thank you!

  3. Is it possible to know which camera was used to record this video? Thank you.

  4. Amancalled Adam

    It looks weird when you switch cameras but the presenter keeps talking to the first camera. You seem to do it in all your videos and it's not a good look for someone teaching photography.

  5. i love that verse where you get that lol , is your water bill high x

  6. Great video, but please don't waste water to explain a concept. It is much more precious.

  7. what is a good program for post production of pictures?

  8. It makes a lot of sense to explain things in an easier way. Thanks for the video

  9. Wonderful analogy, it made esposure very easy to understand. I like the explanation of the F stops, relating it to fractions made a lot of sense in why the opening is smaller when the f stop is higher. Thank you!!!

  10. please save water GUYS … 🙁 I feel bad when looking this video

  11. i like how you explain things about photography, you make it easy for us to understand how things works, you're the best :)

  12. Jasmina Spahić

    super functional straight to the point no wasted time amazing video. Great work! Thank you so much

  13. brilliently explained… just too simple and too good for understanding..thanx a lot for such an interesting lesson..!!! helped a lot..

  14. Despite all of the whiners on here regarding the water waste, thanks for taking the time and effort to share this knowledge. I highly appreciate it.

  15. Mohammad Alshahrani

    Good vid,

  16. I enjoyed your video. I liked the analogy.

  17. way to waste water. if someone needs this to understand exposure, they should not be doing photography. we all started somewhere and without water.

  18. more i watch this and the waste of water the more annoyed i get..just letting the tap run, its fairly stupid way of demonstrating ISO…

  19. waste of water..there are villages in Africa who have no water

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