23 Ninja Tips For Your Next Photo Walk

23 Ninja Tips For Your Next Photo Walk

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  1. Daniel Featherstone

    images are meh

  2. Wow these are great tips, very educational

  3. the last sentence……. wowwww…..

    fishing is more exciting that eating it……

  4. really I was wonder this video, in you tube your videos are different from others, within a minute u r telling big stories,,,, thanks for that…in this session did you work post production to all of your images???

  5. What type of camera are you using? It looks like a Sony but I couldn't really tell.

  6. Tips For Travellers

    Brilliant video with fantastic tips. Loved this

  7. Thanks for share, nice pictures, where can I see more? flickr, instagram?

  8. any good apps for dslr that can help view live feed from dslr to shoot?

  9. Eduardo Cano Muñoz

    would you recommend a 50mm lenses rather than the basic 18-55mm lenses for street photography?

  10. bunch of crap images

  11. I loved this. Great video and e Ben better tips

  12. Many thanks for taking the time to share your experience. Your advice will help my own photography.

  13. Check out his video , My Best of 2012 ,  this got me started

  14. Genius!

  15. tayseer alhamad

    nice photos

  16. Njord Fishing Channel

    Are you angler? ☺️

  17. "Never delete photos" oops… I feel so bad now, that's gonna bother me… not to mention I lost a flash drive full of pictures :'( D':

  18. sebovertherainbow

    Thanks a lot !

  19. Soumyo Das (rono)

    where do i get the software.

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