12 photography tips for DSLR beginners

12 photography tips for DSLR beginners

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  1. el “CrazyPinoy” Gu

    thanks Tom.! helps me a lot. i hit like 3 times….

  2. Meridiano Alexandreiv

    Thanks for your tips.

  3. This video was super helpful!!! Seriously great stuff to start with and your voice is so soothing

  4. Very useful tips for me. Thanks

  5. Duane “dwsphotography” Wyatt

    very boring, i like the tips but man talk about a boring 0resentation

  6. Thanks for the tip; definitely need to start #10.

  7. Great tips. Many thanks.

  8. Good tips.

  9. SheDragon Liontamer

    Thank's. 🙂 Do you think you could make a video of easy projects for beginners. Things to help us learn and to have fun with?

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