10 Street Photography Tips for beginners: Street photography tutorial

10 Street Photography Tips for beginners: Street photography tutorial

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  1. All good, common sense, tips. The only thing I would question is the female attraction to big cameras – a lot of women seem attracted to my retro style X100S, with remarks about it being "cute".
    On another tack, tell me if you have a fear of being muted if ever your arms were tied? ;-)

  2. Interesting suggestions and the best one of all was #10… In order to be good one must practice and therefore – Stop being an "Armchair" Photographer!! Yea can't gain by sitting still!

  3. Your right. Enough with the tutorials. I have to get out there. Good wake up point for me. Thanks for the tips, really helped.

  4. Top class tips, especially the one about using whatever camera you have, I shoot with a d7000 my favorite lenses are Series e 50mm 1:1.8 pancake and the Ais 100mm 1:2.8, both manual as you probably know. and I absolutely love them. Although I just recently acquired an AF 24-85mm 1:3.5-4.5 which is a stunner I have to say… All bought on recommendations I got from following our friend K the angry dude…. Infact I came across your channel through his. Have subbed great channel.
    Glad to see the mutual respect you guys have for one another, I'd love to catch one of your workshops, if you're ever in the land of the Romans, let me know.
    Best regards and respect dude.
    Namaste and have a great day.

  5. Great tips!

  6. Great tips, thank you very much!!

  7. Amaury “JustSRK” De Jesus

    Thanks for the tips, very useful video. 

  8. Great video, with simple but effective tips. Thanks!

  9. Matt:  Refreshing presentation.  Great tips that I, and others I am sure, will use in street photography. Thanks for this and all the videos.

  10. Carlos Gutierrez

    Matt, thank you for the tips. I found them very insightful. Keep up the great work.!

  11. Well done Matt. A great concise run down of all the essentials.

  12. Good one!

  13. Peter van der Plaat

    Thanks for the great tips

  14. Thanks, a useful, interesting and thought provoking set of tips!

  15. Thank you very useful and without some of the unnecessary waffle you get from some of the other YouTubers.

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