10 PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS NO ONE ELSE WILL TELL YOU | 50mm natural light outdoor session

10 PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS NO ONE ELSE WILL TELL YOU | 50mm natural light outdoor session

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  1. Love it!!!! this was very helpful…thank you

  2. when I shoot in anything lower than f4 only part of the face is in focus

  3. Very noisy images

  4. Heyyyyyyyyyyy. It's iCarly and her blond friend :)

  5. You are amazing at taking pictures thank you for these helpful tips I'm not good at taking pictures but I think this will help me so much 😊 thank you

  6. Love the photos, only thing I thought was they were a little too grainy, I wouldn't have my ISO up that high for overcast daylight

  7. Cristian Carrizo

    Sacar fotos solo por tener una camara….no sabes ni como agarrar una Canon.

  8. Good tips Jessica, I just started shooting and this was a big help to me! Wish you the best in going forward in your career.


  9. BaronessCountess

    You're awesome!

  10. Azlan Shah Ahmad

    You re cute.

  11. Get some heels:) If you tilt your head back when focusing, you eye is further back from the viewfinder?

  12. sushanth murthy

    Can i get a video about setting a canon 5d mark 3 for out door shoots

  13. miles • alxdr

    I love the enthusiasm 😄. The photos are great

  14. Daniela Pacheco

    Hey girl 🙂

    When I first saw your video I thought "Ok, one more boring video". But at the end, when I saw your pictures I was like "Wow".
    I love your photo editing. Could you tell us what kind of preset or action do you use? I love that kind of look.

  15. this is kindve hard to follow, i would suggest a quieter location and maybe less ping pong talk? but i learned a lot, great vid none the less.

  16. Cesar Anibal Alvarez Valera

    can't stand that shit that keeps popping up in the videos… sry

  17. true, i take pics of myself at an angle lol

  18. the prism!! I totally want to see a how to when you got it down!

  19. Hi Jessica! You're very talented, hopefully you get very far because you deserve it. You've inspired me a lot, I'm a beginner in photography and thanks to you, you're helping me to make it easier everything. Thanks and keep it up!😘💕

  20. u so cool.. n the tips r life saver

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