10 iphone photography tips

10 iphone photography tips

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  1. 0:01:46 Finally, somebody understands the truth about lossy digital zoom. From my school, soembody with a Note Four says: LOOK! I HAVE GOT EIGHT TIMES ZOOM! YOUR ZOOM IS ONLY FOUR TIMES! MY NOTE FOUR HAS EIGHT TIMES ZOOM!!!!! (How stupid) Only Optical and LOSSLESS Digital Zoom is good.

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  3. * watches the beginning – clicks out of video *

  4. Hey guys, nice video. i've here other choice which can make it easier, just google for ,,Elumpa instant iphone alchemist ,,. I hope it can help.

  5. Trey Williams (Bubble Vest)

    Crossover by quirky. Is the case. 

  6. fuck you all i dont have the money to aford an iphone :P

  7. OMG! The Zeiss in the background O_o

  8. I've taken some amazing pictures with my iPhone 6 and used Snapseed also…. I own a RX10 and its all I need! 1"sensor and 24-200mm @ f 2.8 produces amazing pictures and after post production produced awesome pictures… It's not only the equipment, it's also the person behind the camera ????

  9. Thanks heaps for this! This is pretty useful!

  10. Trey Williams (Bubble Vest)

    Does anyone know the name of the case?

  11. timvolackbmxchannel

    What kind of case is that?

  12. I like the Genelec in the background. 

  13. What case is he using? I really like it!

  14.  This friend of mine is a bit of a iPhone landscape photographer. Some of the shots he showed me really changed my opinion on iPhone photos. Yes the iPhone has limitations, but when you take care with composition, framing etc etc an iPhone can give you very pleasing images… it it may be the only camera you have on you.

  15. About this "the best camera is the camera you have with you". In a survival book written when Jarvis was a baby, the guy said "the best survival knife is the knife you have on you in a survival situation".

    But very good "iphone photography tips"… very practical and relevant.

  16. +Matt Granger have a question about selfies ?

    Since you do portraits thought you could advise. Front cam or rear camera have a focal length that is around 30mm in 35mm speak.

    Would taking a selfie from a distance of 6-9 feet and then cropping simulate a longer focal length closer to 75-90mm which is better for portraits than 30mm. Haf the image will be lost due to cropping but the idea is making a more natural looking portrait with a fixed focus lens.

    My point is you get a better looking selfie if the photo is taken at a greater distance than the length of one's arm. True or false ?

  17. 3:05 "she's soft"

  18. Small correction: The polarizer is NOT called 'circular' because you have to rotate it. It's circular because the filtered light comes out circularly polarized rather than linearly (which is because autofocus/metering can have problems with linearly polarized light). Even though it creates circularly polarized light, It sill filters out light in a specific linear direction. That's why you have to rotate it, to select the direction of the linear part of the filter.

  19. Awesome Matt! i do shoot with my Nokia 1020 which has the ability to shoot raw "DNG" files! then i go to Camera raw and Photoshop.  following your tip on use it as a it is quality photography. See what i do on .


  20. Where is Nokia here ? I mean seriously ….. iphone vs nokia =nokia makes so much better images …. just why do photographers think only iphone exist 🙂 it like funny when they don't pay attention to technology in smartphones 

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