10 Best Tips for Landscape Photography

10 Best Tips for Landscape Photography

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  1. thnx sir

  2. thanks

  3. Etienne de Champeaux

    Hi Serge ! Thanks for your great tutorials !
    You are more than welcome to have a look at my 500px profile and check my work. I try to apply most of you advice since a couple of years now.
    Here is my latest picture: https://500px.com/photo/116680991/-nofilter-by-etienne-de-champeaux

  4. I love u i love u , im from KSA and i c that u r the best ,u inspired me alot plz dont stop uploading alot of videos to help us ,,i cant thank u enough my teacher ,, May Allah bless u 

  5. Some very beautiful pictures there.

  6. Very good tips indeed.

  7. your video is very well made!thanks for the tips :)

  8. Thanks, Great Video & effects

  9. Marie-Chantal Dusseris

  10. José Augusto dos Santos

  11. Hy Serge!
    Amazing video!! Song title please… thankyou.
    Ciao from Italy.

  12. Hello, what is the name of the song?
    Under Creative Common Licence?

  13. Excellent tutorials.  I've been following and learning for over a year, and Serge Ramelli changed the way I process photos.

  14. Laurynas Gerbutavicius

    How do you merge a photo like in 3rd tip?

  15. Jirawas Teekayu (Rotation Photographer)

    Cool, Thanks

  16. short and useful……

  17. the editing is really good. Enjoyed watching this!

  18. New subscriber here mate.

  19. Amusant d'être français et de regarder une vidéo en anglais d'un autre français ! ^^

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